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Whether you need a washer repair on a newer or older model, our Covina washer repair service professionals are able to help.

We have maintained and repaired dozens of different types of washers, including many coin-operated machines. If you are aware of the washer parts that need replaced, let us know during your initial call so we can come prepared. We are able to pick up washer parts in Covina CA at very affordable rates through wholesale suppliers.

Whenever we get a discount on washer parts, so do you -- and if it's your first repair service with us, we will knock $10 off your total cost. During the preliminary call we will figure out what all you need for your washer repair in Covina CA and then we will have one of our repair techs come out and look at your machine.

Then you will get an estimate written out for your entire washer repair needs, which you can compare against the other quotes you received from alternate Covina CA appliance repair service providers. Most of the time we can get your washer repair done in as little as a few hours. If you go anywhere else, chances are you will be billed for more than just the replacement parts and labor.

However, we make sure to fairly price every washer repair in Covina CA and we do this by referencing the price estimates found within the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide. If you are within the Covina CA area and you are in need of an appliance repair or just some maintenance, give us a shout and we will send out a repair professional to help you out.

Helpful tip

Buying a used washing machine that works well can be quite the accomplishment. That is, if you manage to get out ahead. Many make the mistake of ignoring the repairs their washer needs, then go on to pick up a used washing machine that's also problematic. This potential risk needs to be calculated in when buying a used washing machine. If your washer is under 5 years old and hasn't had any problems before, it may make more sense to just get it fixed. The average life expectancy for a washer is 12 years.

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